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Professional Risk Matrix Society

Comprehensive Health insurance for you, your employees, your families, and your clients.

Smarter Insurance for America's business.

Bringing you a variety of affordable health insurance coverage fo individuals and companies, experiencing as much as 42% savings over other insurance plans.
  • HSA, PPO and Traditional Health Plans for you, your family or your company.
  • Each year you do not exceed your deductible, you are given a 20% credit.
  • Plans accepted by obver 97% of all U.S. physicians and hospitals!
  • Effective 9/23/2010, all plans PPACA compliant.
We provide you with excellent service with multiple plans and an extensive network of over 1,000,000 providers. You can be fonfident we will rpovide an affordable health insurance approach for years to come.
You can view our PRMS flyer online now. For additional information click here and you will be redirected the the PRMS Health Benefits Plan web site.
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