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Annuities, especially Indexed Annuities, have become one of the most effective products utilized in establishing a cornerstone for a retirement portfolio. Why? Because Indexed Annuities freeze the principal (sometimes with a sign-up bonus) while allowing participation in market upswings each year, resetting the protected principal amount annually, even quarterly. Regardless of your age, consider a retirement plan component with peace of mind and security included. 

 Other Key Features:

  • Qualified contributions remain tax deferred
  • All earnings are tax deferred
  • Named beneficiaries avoid probate
  • Various liquidity options are available
  • Payout options include income for life
  • Initial premium is as low as $10,000 (IRA's less than $2,000)
  • Leading carriers including AIG, Allianz, Amerus (American Investors Life), Jefferson Pilot

To get more information on how these products can benefit you, simply click on and complete the response form.  A licensed professional will then contact you shortly.

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